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I was living in Santa Fe, NM and was dating a boy who lived in Boulder, CO.  He usually came to visit me but one spring weekend, I decided to drive up and surprise him.

I’d never driven to Colorado before.  I was 18 years old and the year was 1997, so there were no Maps apps or iPhones.  I have no idea if cars had GPS systems at this point, but mine certainly didn’t.

All I had to find him was an address.  The plan was to follow highway signs to Boulder and then ask gas station employees for directions until I found it.

I arrived in Boulder at dawn.  I drove down the main highway, hoping the street he lived on intersected it.  It looked like I’d passed all of the gas stations in town so I pulled over in an apartment complex so I could turn around and look again at the address I’d written down.

I glanced down at the paper and then up at the building directly in front of me…the addresses matched.  I had somehow driven directly to my boyfriend’s apartment without ever having been there before.  The main highway actually was the street he lived on, it just changed names once you get to town. (Something I never saw on any of the street signs.). I drove straight to him.  Amazing.

[EDITOR: I love this. We passed this one by Barbara who noted how many missing details and unknowns (including how much information she might have remembered, even subconsciously, that helped get her pretty close) make it difficult to quantify. But I can’t imagine how startled she had to be when she ended up in exactly the place she needed to be with no apparent guidance. Talk about what seems like an amazing sense of direction. Do that a couple more times and there’s no doubt you’d start to feel like you had some sort of superpower. – Jarrett]

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