(Submitted by reader Joseph Gagné)

Life can be crazy… Back during my undergrad, I was showing pictures of my hometown to my two new friends, Adèle and Marcel. (As if the following story isn’t odd enough, these two are both from Windsor in Ontario but accidentally met and became friends while separately travelling in France…). As we’re looking at pictures of my parent’s house, Marcel turns pale and says, slightly trembling: “Uh, is that the house on the street corner… with the ugly blue fence… the ugly butterflies on the wall… and with half the siding missing?” As I nod to each detail, his head turns away and he clams up.

We’re obviously curious and push him to reveal what was on his mind. Embarrassed, he says: “For the past five years, my family and I have been spending Christmas at my uncle’s who, incidentally, lives in your hometown… Well, every year I go snowmobiling with him and whenever we pass through your neighbourhood, I tell him to stop on the street corner so I can stand up to point and laugh at your house”.

And FYI, yes, we’re still friends.

[EDITOR: This story’s funny enough on its own. I’ll keep my mouth shut this time. Except for taking the time to point that fact out. – Jarrett]

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