I have a Three Stooges collectors’ plate that I see every day; the boys are preparing a Thanksgiving Turkey. You either love’em or hate’em — I think they were hilarious, but I think it’s comparatively rare to see their images or references to them.

Yesterday was a 3 Stooges 3-bagger. First, in the morning — I noticed in the Puzzler crossword puzzle I was working from the LA Times, the clue for the three letter word down is: Slapper in shorts, MOE.

Then, later in the day, my partner and I have been slowly Spring cleaning a spare room, and I noticed in a stack of posters a black & white poster of Larry, Moe and Curly in football uniforms, Larry holding a football on Curly’s head, and Moe about to kick the ball.

Finally, last night on MythBusters, during an episode about pain endurance, when the experiment was having redheaded people put their right hand in a fishbowl full of icewater, I could barely believe my eyes when a very brief clip of the Three Stooges slapping each other around was included in the “pain.” Nya ah ah!

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