It’s been a long, winding, slow road, with lots of obstacles and alcohol, but The Odds Must Be Crazy is finally ready for its official launch.

No more stalling, no more pre-launch status, no more raccoons knocking over the trash can at 2AM (this is unrelated to the site, but we’re really hopeful that if we lump it in with other facts it will also come true). Just an actual launch date, with real, live, readable, fun, interesting, unusual, fascinating, head-scratching, jaw-dropping, ice cream-scooping stories for your enjoyment. And that launch date is:

Thursday, July 14th, 2011.

That date holds special significance to the team, as it’s the beginning of TAM9 from Outer Space in Las Vegas, NV, where we’ll be unveiling the site to 1500 people who will stare in rapt attention, applaud, cheer, and offer their words of support. Then when Bill Nye finishes speaking they’ll come out and see our sign on our table and ask us what the heck “The Odds Must Be Crazy” is. And we’ll answer them, because ignoring them would be rude and contrary to our goal of unveiling the site.

So there you have it. Mark your calendars, tell your friends, Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, Digg us, Stumble us, Tumbl us, Crumble us (that’s a thing, right?), and otherwise let people know to get ready!

In the meantime you can help us out in a much better way than merely telling every single person you know about our website (of course I do mean in ADDITION to telling every single person you know): you can contribute! Simple head to our Submit a Story! page and tell us about your own crazy story of something that seemed to be against all odds. We’ll love you for it, and fame and fortune will be guaranteed.* Got a quick story you want to share? Tweet it! Just add #tombc or #theoddsmustbecrazy onto your tweet and it’ll end up in the sidebar on the right. Go ahead, try it right now. Seriously. Okay, now reload this page. There, wasn’t that cool?

And that’s that! Thanks for keeping an eye on us through all this prep time, and we look forward to your involvement going forward. Thanks for sticking with us!

*While fame and fortunate are guaranteed, The Odds Must Be Crazy makes no guarantee that they will happen to you. Or us. Or anyone who would share the benefits with you or us. Sorry.