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Gould’s NOMA – a thorough analysis (part 1) revisited

This post will be split into two parts due to its length. This will allow any posters to be able to interact with certain points as we go. Regards, Andreas Schüler.

Can science and religion coexist in harmony ?

A favorite phrase of sophisticated theologians™ is – science tells us how and religion tells us why. But it is not only theologians who claim that there can be no conflict between properly understood science and religion because they deal with different questions. Many scientists, and not only religious ones, support this view as well.

Quotes of the Day by Andy Schueler

Recently, Zytigon, a skeptic who comments on Debunking Christianity, noticed a comment on a anthropogenic global warming denial blog entry by a Johnathan Pearce, thought it was me, understandably. The spelling, though, is slightly different and this person was not me. I support the scientific consensus on global warming agreed by an overwhelming proportion of scientists in the relevant fields.

IDist commenter bets my co-writer $10,000. And loses. What to do?!

There has been a mammoth conversation going on over on another post, Creationist stakes $10,000 on contest between Bible and evolution. Regular IDist commenter, JoeG, a major proponent of pseudoscientific unguided evolution. That means to say he broadly agrees to evolution, but claims there is no evidence it is unguided and plenty of evidence it is guided. Apart from the fact that he neglects to ever provide any of this evidence whilst at the same time demanding that we provide positive evidence that evolution is unguided.