• Miracles, plagues, serious God events; still the Egyptians didn’t believe…?

    Yup, you heard it here. The plagues. God getting involved right up to his neck in magic stuff. People and animals dying all over the shop. Frogs; gnats; darkness; rivers of blood; boils; hail; firstborns of Egyptian families and animals dying. AND THEN the army getting destroyed by a parted sea coming down on their heads.

    Now, correct me if I’m wrong (hint: I’m not) but if this ACTUALLY happened, the people to whom it happened would definitely believe in the entity to whom this would be attributed.

    And this is what Andy Schueler quite rightly pointed out. I have pointed this out before with regards to the miracles of Jesus, the Jews, and the distinct lack of instantaneous converted believers.

    But the Egyptian miracles put all of those other miracles to shame. As Andy said:

    This sounds as if these stories are just totally exaggerated and mythologized if they have indeed any kernel of historical truth. If anything remotely similar to the events in Exodus happened, and the highest members of society, including the Pharaoh himself, were direct witnesses of Yahweh´s power and wrath – how could they possibly stick with their old Gods instead of converting to Yahweh worshippers simply because they feared for their lives?

     This was whilst arguing in depth with Jayman, who has taken a somewhat charitable view to the insanely fictitious sounding accounts of the supposed Exodus:

    And I’ve run across atheists who say they would not accept the existence of God even if extraordinary events were to occur.

    Andy continued:

    If Atheists would be punished by plagues like those described in Exodus, while Christians kept telling us that we are punished because we don´t worship their God – we would worship whatever God they ask us to worship simply because we don´t want to die.

    And this is so obvious that it is often forgotten, as an argument. It is the case with all the battles, trials and tribulations of the newfound Israelite state. God is CLEARLY on their side, whooping infidel ass, only for the infidels to continue to defy God’s very existence.

    If God came down to earth and went batshit crazy over the Brits and Americans and Europeans hanging around in Afghanistan, you can bet your bottom dollar our armies would be on the first flights out of Kabul.

    The Old Testament. Not only is it fifth rate evidence. It makes no logical or practical sense.

    In short, it ain’t true.

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    Article by: Jonathan MS Pearce