• Quote of the Day: Andy Schueler vs Creationist

    Brilliant, form the present thread here:

    Being a biologist, I usually give people like you the benefit of the doubt and try to correct their misconceptions about evolution without insulting them personally or questioning their intelligence. However, several people have already done that very well in this thread, but you chose to steadfastly cling to your ridiculous misconceptions and just repeat them, without even trying to address the arguments that you have been provided with. Your objections to evolution are so breathtakingly idiotic, that the evidence you demand to see before you accept evolution – organisms leaving behind offspring that are so radically different from their parents that they do not even belong to the same taxonomical kingdom – would actually soundly refutedarwinian evolution and every alternative to darwinian evolution that any scientist has ever seriously considered. This is weapons grade stupidity, and you just repeat it like a parrot – no matter how often it is explained to you why this is stupid beyond belief.
    Also, setting your willful ignorance aside, you have now also demonstrated several times already that you are a complete assclown, so I can mock your spectacular ignorance without feeling bad about it.

    I am sorry that’s what evolution claims to do,is change from one thing to another! do you Honestly think that in the very beginning of earth some Little “Human seeds” were dropped from some place and eventually they grew and we are finally here??Evolution means change and according to every thing I have been taught it means we started out NOT human and became human over time.If we have always been human as now, we have NOT evolved from anything. However that is NOT evolution! FACEPALM!!

    I have read this incoherent mess of a response three times now – and I´m still laughing. This quote best sums up my feelings right now:
    I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: ‘O Lord make my enemies ridiculous.’ And God granted it.

    Also, I have rarely seen a comment that was more deserving of this response here:

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    Article by: Jonathan MS Pearce