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Throwing things away and losing memories

In moving house I had to clear a lot of stuff up, throw a lot away and generally reassess what is important to me, and what I need to keep hold of.

In my loft was a few boxes of memorabilia: letters (remember them?) sent to me from girls (I was at boarding school) throughout my adolescence; gig tickets; trophies; trinkets; bits and pieces from travelling

My brain

The other day I was getting really frustrated with my manual coordination. I was leaving school on a Sunday after doing some work and was trying to locate a particular key on a keyring. With one hand. Whilst holding three bags with my other and something under my arm. With something also being held in my mouth. I was attempting to swing various keys around the ring, locating which particular one I wanted out of about twenty keys. The keys kept slipping into the wrong place and I was swearing in sheer frustration.

Creative Suicide

I’m not sure about anyone else, but I find myself aloof at times. It’s easy for me to become so bogged down in this world of abstract thinking that I forget that most people don’t care whether such things as metaphysical nihilism or modal realism are descriptive of reality or not. And I think that I, like many people, need a creative release.


It is extremely important that everyone be wary of any sites requiring user validation (e.g., social media, email, online banking, etc.) for the next few days until it is clear that the released patches to a recently exposed vulnerability in the OpenSSL cryptographic library have been applied.

I’m back from holiday, and the only person who pissed me off was Jesus…

So we (my partner, twin toddler boys and myself) had a wonderful stay-cation in Cornwall. Beautiful accomodation, weather, countryside and beaches. An all-round winner. The boys loved it. The only moment of furrowed brows (well, mine) was at a lovely seaside town called Perranporth, where we stopped at the beach. Walking back, I saw a bunch of purple-shirted youngsters dancing and generally having fun surrounded by a small horde of beach-going holiday-making children.