Author Bryant Cody Rudisill

You Are My Enemies

Let’s make this clear. I didn’t initiate this war, I didn’t set the terms, yet even though I feel like I’m boxing the air, I’ve decided to go to battle.

Creative Suicide

I’m not sure about anyone else, but I find myself aloof at times. It’s easy for me to become so bogged down in this world of abstract thinking that I forget that most people don’t care whether such things as metaphysical nihilism or modal realism are descriptive of reality or not. And I think that I, like many people, need a creative release.


It is extremely important that everyone be wary of any sites requiring user validation (e.g., social media, email, online banking, etc.) for the next few days until it is clear that the released patches to a recently exposed vulnerability in the OpenSSL cryptographic library have been applied.

Did Jesus Exist?: An Historicist Defense of Mythicist Intelligence

There’s this damned of all sayings—‘a jack of all trades, the master of none’—which haunts me. It presents itself to me in moments of existential crisis. When I consider how so many fields feed into one another, I want to own them all; be the expert in philosophy, science, mathematics, history, theology, biblical exegesis, etc. But is it possible or even reasonable to assume that one can become at the least, say, ‘a master of most trades, a jack of few?’

Real Deconversion Story #3 – Bryant Cody

My deconversion was radical. The ultimate antithesis to my previous life and to people’s preconceptions of how I would live and impact the world in the future. I was raised in a charismatic Pentecostal Holiness church. Prophets would come and work the congregation into a frenzy of tears and jerking; of laughing and a mixture of hushed and explosive verbal babbling. At this point we had all been herded to the altar and, while I could never conjure tears and I hadn’t yet “accepted” the gift of tongues, every prophet managed to find their way to me. The heavy breathing and sweaty brow with the open palm landing right on my forehead. I was to be a pastor, leader, discerner, even a prophet myself.

Are We Born Depraved?

Jonathan recently (and by recently I mean a while ago and I’m just now getting to it) asked me to comment on an episode by Reasonable Doubts. The subject was whether we are born depraved. I’ve touched on this in a past post where I concluded that consistency requires adherents of so-called total depravity to adopt the belief that babies that die are eternally damned; and this was solid ground for either not parenting as an evangelical Christian or renouncing the doctrine with all of its concomitants.