• My brain

    The other day I was getting really frustrated with my manual coordination. I was leaving school on a Sunday after doing some work and was trying to locate a particular key on a keyring. With one hand. Whilst holding three bags with my other and something under my arm. With something also being held in my mouth. I was attempting to swing various keys around the ring, locating which particular one I wanted out of about twenty keys. The keys kept slipping into the wrong place and I was swearing in sheer frustration.

    Until I realised how amazing the situation was, and what a jolly good job my brain was doing. I was using my eyes to locate these cosmically small things in detail, whilst controlling all of my limbs: my legs for standing (defying and manipulating gravity, making multiple compensatory movements)) and both arms controlling things, my hands lifting weights and manipulating various cosmically small things with pretty good coordination. Moreover, I was breathing, my liver, heart and all of my bodily organs were functioning. Throughout my body there was an utterly regulated factory of life working to exact timings and processes. And my mouth was swearing. All the while, I was thinking. First of all I was looking at, and thinking about, the task in hand. Eventually, though, I had this realisation, which I am telling you about: a metacognition of the whole scenario at hand.running-brain-2

    So this realisation materialised that the brain is quite an extraordinary piece of bio-mechanics. An extraordinary piece of anything. It is the most complex thing in the known universe, and simple things like this bring home quite how remarkable it is.

    If you have some amazing brain facts, please list them below; I would be interested to know some great nuggets about the human brain.

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    Article by: Jonathan MS Pearce