• On banning commenters

    I have banned two people here. One was a Catholic priest who dogged me all over the internet, one-starring my books without reading them and slagging me off to anyone who cared to listen. I wrote about this here and here.

    The second person I banned was a total douche. He, Stephane Blouin, commented on a thread here with the most hilariously ludicrous use of logic in town.

    Sadly enough, that second banned commenter is actually the third one to be banned too. He has come back to haunt me as another total douche with a different profile, Stephane Manson. Why haven’t I yet done so? Partly because his argument is sooo funny, it is amusing to see him keep going. Part of me, though, thinks that he might realise his stupidity. He has already changed an important part of his argument without admitting it. But I can’t see him lasting past tonight.

    Check it out for a laugh.

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    Article by: Jonathan MS Pearce