• Quote of the Day – Trq Atallah – atheists are ungrateful, drunk, horrified of death, terrified, dead-eyed…

    So there was an interesting comment on another one of my posts the other day that was entirely, every word, inane, insane, irrational nonsense. It was so good (bad) that I thought I would post it.

    Of course, atheism, as a lack of belief in God or a positive belief that God does not exist, MUST cause these characteristics necessarily. Drivel. Enjoy:

    I worship what made existence and me in it because I came to the simple conclusion that He is worthy of worship, Atheists don’t give a fuck. I am grateful, atheists are ungrateful. My essence is fulfilled and feels safe, Atheists need to get intoxicated to separate their minds from their worried souls, to feel pleased. I love life but I’m not afraid of death, atheists love life and are horrified of death, drinking their way down. Atheists are uncomfortable with me because i make their energy feel itchy, I’m not comfortable around atheists because i see dead eyes, dead fish are more fresh and more alive. Atheists are not Unbelievers, they are Ungrateful. My God said that the majority will be atheists and the minority will worship Him, He also said that this majority will rule this world but will be neglected later, as it neglected. This life is to separate the grateful from the ungrateful, so no wonder it’s full of them. Atheists distinguish themselves daily because they have a terrified crocodile to feed, just like the ugly Lady Tremaine in front of her deceiving mirror mirror on the wall tell me who’s the fairest of them all… Look for Him, who searches finds and who doesn’t finds excuses only.

    My response, for what it was worth, follows:

    1) You make no sense. Atheists being ungrateful requires an entity for us to be grateful or ungrateful to. We deny that existence. Thus we are neither grateful or ungrateful.

    2) Are you claiming all atheists are drunk? Absolute nonsense. I know many who don’t drink, and I drink far less now than ever before, hardly ever becoming intoxicated.

    3) I am not horrified by death. I would just rather a) animals didn’t NEED to eat other animals (causing pain and suffering) to merely survive. This is designed by a god, supposedly. On atheism, it is expected from evolution and needs no further explanation. It is not horrific per se, just undesirable. On theism, it REQUIRES explanation for why it is designed into the system.

    4) The rest of your diatribe is just ad hominem / red herring / wrong / insulting.

    Please be more rational, since your diatribe was anything but.

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    Article by: Jonathan MS Pearce