• Three talks in the pipeline – one tomorrow!

    To let any local people know, I have three talks sorted out.

    Tomorrow night at the Portsmouth Skeptics in the Pub, I will be hosting a table in a night of round table discussions. I will table a number of philosophical thought experiments to get people to open up and chat.

    On 24th July, I will be in Bournemouth for “Unholy Questions: The ‘Case for God’ on Trial”  – In this entertaining and thought-provoking presentation, author, blogger and ‘tippling philosopher’ Jonathan Pearce will skilfully guide us through the maze of arguments for and against the existence of God. He will be explaining the best arguments from both sides of the God debate in plain English and critically examining their pros and cons. My last talk there on free will was the highest turnout they had ever had! Happy days.

    My next talk at the moment is on the Nativity booked in for September 25th in High Wycombe at the Wycombe Skeptics in the Pub (the event is not yet on their website).

    All in all, things are good and I hope to see various people in various places over the next year!



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    Article by: Jonathan MS Pearce