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Three talks in the pipeline – one tomorrow!

To let any local people know, I have three talks sorted out.

Tomorrow night at the Portsmouth Skeptics in the Pub, I will be hosting a table in a night of round table discussions. I will table a number of philosophical thought experiments to get people to open up and chat.

“So you love paedophiles, then!” – a conspiracy theorist and fallacies

You need to know a few things before reading this:

1) The BBC got into trouble last year for having a serial paedophile (celebrity DJ and charity man Jimmy Savile) about whom I wrote this post about cognitive dissonance.

2) I went to a Skeptics in the Pub talk last night given by Rob Brotherton, a PhD psychology postgrad student doing research on cognitive biases and the causal factors involved with believing in conspiracy theories. The talk on conspiracy theories and theorist (CT) from a psychological perspective was really interesting, to say the least. Showing how certain people think, and the expressing of the huge gamut of cognitive biases and heuristics involved in fallible beliefs is always worth listening to.