• Rape Girl is “Evil” (and thus deserves it?) – Matt Dillahunty Disconnects Christian Caller

    Matt Dillahunty, renowned presented of the Atheist Experience, disconnected a Christian caller when they retorted, when discussing a rape case, that the girl was “just as evil as you”, and thus implying that she deserved it.

    To be fair, in many understandings of Christianity, this is the natural conclusion that many must come to, given some of the problematic premises. This is how The Raw Story reports it:

    Hosts of the Atheist Experience cable access show in Austin hung up on a Christian caller over the weekend after he suggested that God might not stop the rape of a little girl because the victim was also “evil.”Atheists Tracie Harris and Matt Dillahunty

    A Christian viewer from Phoenix named Shane called in to Sunday’s show with the hopes of convincing host Matt Dillahunty and co-host Tracie Harris that the fact that even atheists had a “moral code” proved of the existence of God.

    “Divine command theory, the religious proposition that God dictates morality is in fact immoral,” Dillahunty explained to the caller. “It forces you to sacrifice your humanity and pollutes your moral compass because you are stuck doing whatever this God supposedly says is good, whether or not it’s actually good. And we already know that there are, for example, commands in the Bible that are not morally correct.”

    “I think you’re more moral than your God and you just haven’t figured it out yet,” Harris added.

    “Why is God so immoral?” the caller asked.

    “I don’t think that God exists but if we’re talking about the God character in Bible as God is represented, you know, it’s a pretty horrible, jealous, angry being that advocates slavery,” Dillahunty pointed out. “I don’t know why he’s that way. Maybe he’s just a dick.”

    “You either have a God who sends child rapists to rape children or you have a God who simply watches it and says, ‘When you’re done, I’m going to punish you,’” Harris agreed. “If I could stop a person from raping a child, I would. That’s the difference between me and your God.”

    “First of all, you portray that little girl as someone who’s innocent, she’s just as evil as you,” the caller shot back.

    With that comment, Dillahunty disconnected the call.

    “Goodbye, you piece of shit!” he exclaimed. “You know what? I was a better Christian than you when I was a Christian, and I still am.”

    The entire the Atheist Experience broadcast is available here.

    Watch this video from Atheist Experience, broadcast Jan. 6, 2013.


    Oh dear.

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    Article by: Jonathan MS Pearce