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We are not going to hell in a handcart

One of the most, if not the most, common arguments I seem to be having online in various places is about the notion that the world is morally bankrupt, that we are in the end days. And this is not just from theists – it is commonplace with theists and nontheists alike. It annoys me because it is so blatantly wrong and exemplifies the rose-tinted fallacy completely.

Rape Girl is “Evil” (and thus deserves it?) – Matt Dillahunty Disconnects Christian Caller

Matt Dillahunty, renowned presented of the Atheist Experience, disconnected a Christian caller when they retorted, when discussing a rape case, that the girl was “just as evil as you”, and thus implying that she deserved it.

To be fair, in many understandings of Christianity, this is the natural conclusion that many must come to, given some of the problematic premises. This is how The Raw Story reports it: