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Posted by on Oct 27, 2012 in Uncategorized | 4 comments

Sunday SINners Are Welcome!

I am starting what I hope will be a regular feature on my site:  guest posts or interviews on Sundays. The only requirement to play is that you have to submit an essay for publication and a short bio (including any promotional material and links) using the contact information on this page. Although the main themes of my site are humanism, skepticism, politics, social justice, and religion, your essay can be about anything, including art and music. After all, Sunday is a day for sinning.

My first guest writer will be Russell Blackford, whose article I’ll be posting later today. Russell is a published writer, literary critic and philosopher, and holds two separate Ph.Ds, in English Literature and Philosophy. He’s also from Australia, and since Ozzies can’t get the days of the week right, my first Sunday SINner post will actually appear on Saturday (today!). You can learn more about Russell here or by visiting his blog. He is easily one of the most intelligent and educated people I know, and I’m honored to call him a friend.

Here’s the fine print: I reserve the right to make minor editorial changes to any post that is not submitted based on a personal invitation. Posts that I don’t deem appropriate will not be published, but will simply vanish into the ether. Obviously, you retain the copyright to anything you’ve written, and are free to publish it elsewhere. Once published, your post will remain for as long as the site exists (including any domain transfers), unless I receive a request to edit or remove it.