• Reality doesn’t reward ‘good intentions’

    Three years ago, a young Norwegian girl called Maren Ueland posted the following video on her facebook  page .  As you can see, the video the idea that there is no more reason to suspect a bearded Muslim that a native Norwegian.

    This year, Maren tried to put that idea into practice.  This year, she and her friend went hiking in Morocco.  This year, she and her friend were beheaded by the Islamic State.

    Everything is something, and that ‘something’ is so regardless of what you wish it to be.  Everything in the Universe has an identity that your wishes are powerless to affect.  And this includes fellow human beings and ideas.

    It’s amazing how people don’t seem to get this.  Either islam is dangerous or it is not, either its followers are prone to violence towards nonbelievers or they are not – but whatever the case is, your wishes do not change anything, your emotions are as powerless to change the objective reality, anymore than pretending a black mamba is just an earthworm will save your life.

    I wrote about this previously, about Charlie Hebdo. Hebdo had been strongly against the National Front in France and in favour of unchecked Islamic immigration, and a fat lot of good it did them.

    What I fear, is that we’re all Maren Ueland now.

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    Article by: The Prussian