• Feminist Rape Enablers

    The world just keeps getting weirder.  I didn’t think it could get any odder than a British hooligan street protest group (the EDL) being in formal alliance with Burmese Buddhists (the Buddhist Defence League), but now we have entered the age of the Feminist Rape Enabler.

    As many of you know, Merkel – the third most disgraceful leader in German history – decided to let our country be invaded by 1.2 million Muslims – called “Syrian refugees” despite the fact that only about half came from Syria, and they rewarded her generosity by going on a massive rape and sexual assault spree on New Years’.

    Here’s a little video of two “refugees” going for a girl in the presence of her boy:


    Is anyone surprised about this?  It’s not as though we hadn’t been warned, with the mass rapes of Rotherham  and France’s banlieusor Sweden’s rape epidemic.  Everyone knows what the attitude of Islam is towards women, everyone knows that rape of infidel women enjoys Koranic sanction.

    So, I’m not going to talk about that.  Instead, I’m going to focus on this new thing – feminists actively enabling rape and sexual assault.

    Let me remind people of the definition of enable:

    verb (used with object), enabled, enabling.


    to make able; give power, means, competence,or ability to; authorize:


    to make possible or easy:


    to make ready; equip
    So, how can I claim that feminists are rape-enablers?
     Well, here’s the answer.  Let’s look at the feminist response to Cologne, shall we?  I’ll just go to google news.
    There’s Laurie Penny, whining that “After Cologne, We Can’t Let Bigots Steal Feminism“.

    There’s Gaby Hinsniff with the promising title that “After Cologne, Feminism is Dead“, but in it she just whinges about “Muslim bashing”.

    There’s some Muslimah bitching about “Thinly Veiled Racism”.

    There’s Helen Lewis moaning that “No, feminists aren’t scared to write about the Cologne attacks” in which she defends feminism, not German women.

    And so on.

    Let’s see now… anyone remember how feminists reacted to Tim Hunt’s botched joke?  Not much holding back then, was there?  Or to Richard Dawkins and elevatorgate?

    But mass sexual assault gets a pass.  No, worse, it gets actively enabled.

    How can I say that?  Easily – remember Rotherham?  The reason that over one thousand girls could be raped and exploited by vicious Muslims was that everyone in power was deathly afraid of being called racist.  By people like Ms Laurie here.  Notice again that she’s more concerned about Islamophobia than about rape.


    So, feminists don’t say squat about the menace of Islam, even when it manifests in open rape and assault, and they attack people who do speak up about rape and assault as bigots.  That’s called enabling.

    Now at this point, I’m always bombarded with complaints by people saying they know a guy who knows a guy who knows a Tibetan yak herder who has  actually met a feminist speaking out about this.

    Sure.  But, here’s the kicker, she’s not here in Europe, is she?  And in Europe, no feminist who thinks like that is in the news or on the soapbox, are they?

    Lets be clear about what we’re talking about.  I am not talking about your acquaintance who refers to herself as a feminist who vaguely opposes the “pay gap” or whatever.  I am talking about the official voices of feminism, as seen in the media and academia, as seen above.

    And again, I am referring to Western feminism.  For every group defined by some non-intellectual characteristic, the quality of its representatives is inversely proportional to how well that group does.  That’s why those women’s rights activists in the Islamic world are embodied by people like this:


    epa01255149 Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the Somali-born former Dutch deputy threatened with death for her outspoken criticism of Islam, delivers a speech in front of the Socialist Group of the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium, 14 February 2008. Ayaan Hirsi Ali sought European protection. French star philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy has spearheaded a campaign for Hirsi Ali to receive honorary French citizenship -- and financial aid to cover her security costs. Hirsi Ali is threatened with death for her role in writing the script of Van Gogh's film 'Submission', about the treatment of women under Islam. A note targeting her by name was found on his slain body. EPA/OLIVIER HOSLET

    Sabatina James
    Sabatina James


    Yezidi Women's Fighters
    Yezidi Women’s Fighters


    Whereas western feminists are represented by people like this:


    (for those of you who don’t know, that’s the now infamous “Trigglypuff” protester).

    I’m sure I’m going to get a lot of complaints about this, people who are upset that I’m generalizing about western feminists.  Well, I’m upset that we have mass sexual assault throughout Europe and feminists are dogpiling those trying to speak up about it.

    I’m tired of pointing out that the utter gutlessness and uselessness of the liberal left has left the field wild open for far nastier forces.

    Look at that tape again.  Imagine you’re in that subway.  You are there on your own and you know what those two want.  Now – who’d you rather be there, the local feminist movement (even including male feminists) or the Soldiers Of Odin?

    Yes, yes, yes the Soldiers of Odin are terrible people, founded by a Nazi etc.  But – you’re in that subway.  These are your choices.  Which do you pick?

    It’s not hard, right?

    I’ve been hoping that there would be a civilised way out of this.  Looking at the insanity and wickedness of Merkel’s policy, I have a nasty feeling that there really aren’t many more options that don’t involve civil war.

    I hope it won’t come to that.  I’ll try to prevent it as long as I can.  But if things do come to that, then the people who will bear the responsibility are those who forced this on us.


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