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    As I have pointed out before, racialists are nitwits because there is no point in making hay over pissant genetic differences between human populations, when the technology is arriving that will allow an evolutionary leap equivalent to the transition of cro-magnon to us.

    Well, it turns out that someone in China has already initiated the first stage of that.

    The announcement that a Chinese team had altered the genetics of a human embryo for the first time has ignited a firestorm of controversy around the world and renewed recent calls for a moratorium on any attempt to establish a pregnancy with such an engineered embryo. But it has also underscored that although scientists are united in their opposition to any clinical application of such embryo manipulation, they are split on the value of basic research that involves genetically modifying human embryos.

    In China itself, where the precedent-setting research is big news and some in the public have expressed concern on the Internet about the embryo experiments, “most scientists are more positive,” says Guo-Qiang Chen, a microbiologist at Tsinghua University in Beijing. “My personal opinion is that as long as they can control the consequences they should continue this work.”

    That view is echoed by many outside of China as well. “I personally would defend the fundamental scientific value of research into gene editing” in human embryos, in part to explore the risks of any potential clinical use, George Daley, a stem cell biologist at Harvard Medical School in Boston, tells Science.

    Admittedly, this part of the world has been known for playing fast and loose with the facts on this issue before now, but…

    What is the point of bogus racial supremacy when we the real thing is becoming possible?


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