• I knew it

    I’m getting really tired of being right.  I wrote:

    [T]here is one thing I could do to cause all [feminist accusations] to go away: convert to Islam.  I’m not saying that I will, I’m saying that all I’d need to do is pop down to the local mosque, recite the Shahada, and then I could explicitly say that women were inherently inferior, deserved subjection, that the man’s place is to rule – and I would be completely assured of having Myers, Benson et al not just shut up and say nothing, but most likely defend me, grovel and lick my boots.  What the Myers tendency announces, loudly, is that he will be maximally mean to anyone who is inoffensive.  But anyone who really decides to earn his stripes, to be a real menace – well, he can be assured of complete indemnity.

    Well, guess what.  One of the manosphere sites, Boycott American Women has decided to go that route.

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    Article by: The Prussian