• Proud to be German

    I am so proud to be German right now.

    The last time this happened, during the Danish riots, there was nothing but the most abject surrender across the board, and Charlie Hebdo was forced to bear this burden nearly alone (with the Western Standard, and some back up from the two main Objectivist groups I might add)

    Not this time.  All the biggest names across Germany are republishing the cartoons.


    The Taggesschau 

    Frankfurter Rundschau 


    Frankfurter Algemeiner

    Der Spiegel



    So. Damn. Proud. Of this country right now.

    As the Frankfurter Algemeiner has pointed out, Germany is practicing what America only preaches.

    What I am hacked off about is that Hebdo is completely sold out everywhere.  Wanted a copy…

    But I think that this shows a way forward.  Let’s say you don’t want to tackle the subject of Islam.  Fair enough, it can be scary.  Here is what you can do.  You can get some resources to the people who do, do so.  Buy their books or donate.  Work out what you can spare, and help.

    United we stand, divided we fall.




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