• It’s an honour, gentlemen

    It has been, what, two years now since I joined Skeptic Ink?  I have never been so convinced that it’s been the right thing to do as this week.  The most blatant assault on the idea of a rational, secular free society was made, and my colleagues on this site have all passed that test with flying colours.  Some noteworthy mentions and posts:

    A Tippling Philosopher – “True Islam” and Violent Extremism

    Avant Garde – Deadly attack on Charlie Hebdo’s office, again

    Background Probability – The Cartoons that shook the world

    Notung – Some thoughts on the slaughter at Charlie Hebdo

    Humanisticus – Refusal to print cartoons is to capitulate to violent extremism


    In no particular order, and well aware that some of my colleagues are unlikely to have been able to respond as yet.

    As I say, gentlemen, it’s an honour.


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    Article by: The Prussian