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    Mini-Mann David Appell can’t seem to be bothered to read my previous posts – or really, anything that contradicts him – but since I have a little time, I am going to sort this Pages2K business out once and for all.

    Background: Pages2k is a big collaborative effort to recreate the temperature of the last two millennia, recreating the temperature from all seven continents, and adding them up.  This, Appell claims, shows that Mann is 100% right and absolutely infallible and honest and all the rest of it.

    Now I get the distinct impression that David hasn’t read beyond the abstract, and certainly hasn’t taken a closer look at the data.  This would get him laughed out of any journal club in any uni, I can assure you.

    So, let’s go take a look at the Pages2K, shall we?

    First of all, please go and look at the different versions of the damn hockey stick that Mann produces depending on who is looking. Especially pay attention to the IPCC one where Mann, not content with just taking thermometer readings onto proxy readings, decides to tak simulation projections onto those.

    Back to Pages2K.  Here is what they show as the consensus science, and contrast it with their own composite hockey stick:

    Consensus and Pages 2K stick
    Consensus and Pages 2K stick


    The top graphs shows the consensus on this matter up until now.  Notice again that Mann creates a very different graph when he has to work with competent scientists who can check his work.  The bottom one shows a nice neat hockey stick blade.  I mean, it’s nothing like what the Mannster claims elsewhere, but it’s there.

    Yet that got me thinking: what do these individual proxy reconstructions look like?  I mean, continent by continent?  What are the individual data sets from Pages2K showing?

    So I looked at the supplementary data.  Sensitive souls  may wish to look away right now:

    Individual parts of the PAGES2K reconstruction
    Individual parts of the PAGES2K reconstruction

    The horror!

    Got that?  There’s serious warming – in the Arctic.  On the other hand, if you happen to live in Europe, North America, Asia, South America, Australasia or even Antarctica – there’s a slight, definite warming trend, but nothing we haven’t seen before (compare South America’s 2000 to 1800 and 1200, compare Europe 2000 to Europe 700 – and so on).  Do any of those six continents look like Mann’s vaunted hockey stick?

    David, I’m talking to you.

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