• Israel learns…

    …from the jihadists.

    ‘Mothers of all Palestinians should also be killed’ says Israeli Politician.


    Of course, this kind of thing can be heard all the time from the Palestinians:

    Israel Attorney General to investigate Jerusalem mufti for incitement to kill all jews

    PA Daily spreads blood libel and praises the Protocols of the Elders of Zion

    and so on.

    Oh, and it goes on elsewhere:

    Antwerp rally chants ‘kill the jews’

    France’s jewish shops and synagogues burned

    And so on.

    Now back to the post at the top of this.  I’ve pointed this out before: the foulness of jihad inspires emulators.  It did when the crusades happened, it did when Hulaghu Khan decided to repay the Muslims of Baghdad with their own coin for what they’d done to the Christians, it did when Milosevic rose.

    But there’s one crucial difference.  The world has become smaller these days and people everywhere are comparing notes.  With the trends in India and Europe being the way they are, if this goes on much longer it will be the entire infidel deciding to settle matters in the old way.  This would make even Hulaghu’s massacre seem insignificant in comparison.

    Like I keep saying, you’d better start listening to people like me, because the alternative is not one you’d care to contemplate.




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