• Former Gitmo detainee about to take Baghdad – UPDATE

    Certain people, and I’m naming no names – because if you read this blog at all, you’ll get it – have been terribly upset at how mean ol’ Gitmo is.

    Certain people have been clamouring for it to be shut down and the inmates to be released.

    Certain people have been upset that the Obama administration has only let some of them go.

    Well, one of the people they did let go has formed an Al Qaeda splinter cell so virulent that even Zawahiri has denounced it, and has raised a ten thousand strong army that is marching through the Sunni areas of Baghdad, leaving piles of severed heads in their wake.

    Do you think that certain people, including the insufferable Glenn Greenwald, are going to think that their view of Gitmo may have been a teensy-weensy bit simplistic?

    Of course they bloody won’t.  It’s not their heads that are being piled up along the streets of Iraq.

    For the record, chaps like Al Baghdadi should never have been taken prisoner – they should have been shot.  Before someone starts yelling about the laws of war, the laws of war do not apply to those who fight out of uniform and use civilians as shields.  Read this and then get back to me.  And if the Bush admin had had the sense not to take this lot prisoner in the first place, we wouldn’t have this problem right now.

    UPDATE:  A preview of life under Al Qaeda:


    • Women are told they should not go outside unless necessary, because their place is to provide stability at home.
    • They must wear full, wide Islamic dress
    • Stealing or looting will result in the amputation of limbs
    • Criminals can be crucified (this law quotes a verse from the Quran)
    • Muslims must participate in group prayers at mosques ‘on time’
    • Muslims will be well-treated, unless they are allied with oppressors
    • Drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes are banned
    • Rival political or armed groups are also banned
    • Police and military officers will be given the chance to repent
    • Apostasy is punishable by death and carrying flags, except those of the Islamic state, is not allowed
    • Graves and shrines are forbidden, and will be destroyed

    Hmmm.  I keep being told that the jihadis only have political grievances and if we leave ’em alone and make nice, they’ll be nice.  And if there is one place where grievances against America should be purely political, isn’t it Iraq?

    So what’s all this then?  Could it be that maybe, just maybe, the jihadis mean what they say and their motive is religious?

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