• A coda to Mark Steyn about green politics

    In his recent bit where he links me, very sweetly I might add, he also rebukes my comments on a free marketplace of ideas:

    But in the marketplace of ideas Mann’s idea is to sue you, and Suzuki’s idea is to jail you, and Parncutt’s idea is to execute you.

    I have always drawn the distinction between climate science and climate politics.  I stick up for what I rationally think is correct when it comes to climate science, but my contempt and hatred for climate politics is hard to capture in pixels.

    I know perfectly well what kind of world people like Suzuki and Parncutt and, yes, Mann want to take us towards.  It would be a world of the deliberate immiseration of the West’s working class – and the deliberate death by starvation of tens of millions of the world’s poorest.  It would be a world of absolute tyranny, of the secret police, of the abolition of democracy, and of summary execution, as greens make clear over and over again.  And, oh yes, it would be a world where ‘select committees’ decide life and death over billions

    It will also be a place of skyrocketing pollution.  You ever seen what pollution was like behind the Iron Curtain or in China right now?

    Before anyone says I’m exaggerating, please remember this advice: when someone says he wants to kill you, believe him.

    So I have no illusions about climate politics.  It isn’t a matter of a difference of opinion.  What these people advocate is evil.  Evil has to be defeated.  It really is that simple.

    Now someone might respond something along the lines: “Oh get real.  Suzuki is just mouthing off.  He’s too much of a jelly spined wuss to follow through on what he’s proposing.”

    Maybe so.  But others will.  I am specifically thinking of chaps like the German NPD who are greener than you’d believe, and, waddya know, are fine with jailing opponents and murdering them.

    That is why I refuse to allow such types to acquire the prestige of science.  I’m not about to keep quiet when they try to stamp the mark of science on their plans.

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    Article by: The Prussian