• Friday Jihad Round up

    As depressing as it is, here we go again:

    Egypt sentences 1,200 Muslim Brotherhood types to death.  Two wrongs making a right?

    Criticizing Islam by quoting Churchill is now punishable with two years of imprisonment in England.

    “SHOULD the West co-operate with Russia to counter the threat of militant Islam?”  Yes, you morons.  The Orthodox East has guarded Europe since time immemorial.

    “Insecurity not caused by Islam”  – does anyone believe this?

    Lashkar-i-Islam forces tribal families to leave Bara.  But, but…. what about ‘MURICA?

    Egypt reins in friday prayers.

    Islamic groups try to censor speeches at 9/11 memorial.

    Jewish convert to Islam convicted of terrorism.  Geez, where’d he get that idea?

    Man arrested for spreading Islamic supremacism in Prague.  “Philips, the book’s author, is a radical Muslim who seems to justify suicide bombing as part of jihad and physical punishment of criminals, such as cutting off limbs. According to him, there is no such thing as rape in marriage under the Sharia law. Australia, Britain and Germany banned his entry.”  Of course, this is all completely justified/explained/excused by US foreign policy…

    Christian Somali woman dragged out and shot dead by jihadists.

    Palestinians attack Israelis in Berlin.

    Malaysian doctors should practice hand-chopping, according to Malaysia’s Muslim groups

    Major Islam conference mired in anti-semitism.  Go figure.

    Islamic infiltration of British schools.

    British woman to be executed in Iran for “insulting Islam”.

    Christians can no longer be buried in mixed cemeteries in Uzbekistan.

    In three months, Islamic jihadists have murdered over 2,500 people in Nigeria – but remember, we should never ever ever support the victims here because drones are bad.  Or something. Meanwhile Nigeria calls for aid…

    Warriors of Islam in Pakistan.

    “The only good German is a dead German” – Turkish Muslim

    Christian man killed in Pakistan for refusing to convert to Islam.

    “Political Islam: fourteen centuries of bloodshed and failure”

    The ongoing ethnic cleansing of Christians in the Middle East – but remember, we should do nothing and forget all about the victims because drones.  Or something.

    They’ll all be gone in ten years, but that’ll be fine with certain people, ‘CAUSE ‘MURICA!

    Pakistani serial killer targeted gays and now Pakistan’s gays are terrified that he will be a “hero to Islam”

    Abu Hamza “preached jihad”.  No shit.

    What happens when infidels have had enough: the last Muslims are leaving the CAR.  

    And this: Muslim children fleeing Mynamar. 

    China takes up the war against Islam’s jihad. 

    Briton jailed in Pakistan for “posing as Muslim”.

    UK urges mothers not to go fight jihad in Syria.  Why?  If they don’t come back, so much the better for us.

    Welcome to Jihad City, Syria

    France’s anti-jihad hotline gets results.

    EU starts to move against calls for jihad.

    Crucifixion of Christians by Muslims – which has nothing to do with Islam.

    Terrorism only works if you let it.  Please explain this to certain people.

    The brave German woman and Europe’s Islam question

    The social media jihad.

    Former Arsenal player films jihad video and urges others to join him.

    An attempt to end the murder of apostates.  Good luck.

    Bill Maher tries to explain the obvious about Boko Haram.

    Tony Blair calls on the West to take sides.  Good for him.

    Second Sunrise of Indian jihad.

    Boko Haram claims responsibility for stealing Christian girls.  “I will marry off a woman at the age of 12. I will marry off a girl at the age of nine,”   – But remember, we should be talking and appeasing these guys and not sending drones to kill them because that’s just mean.  Anyway, they only rape nine year old girls ‘CAUSE ‘MURICA!

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    Article by: The Prussian