• Life under Islamic occupation

    I keep getting asked why I am so hostile to Islam.  Well, here’s just the latest reason:

    In Great Britain, insulting Islam can come with a jail sentence of up to two years.

    Yes, yes, yes it’s not for “insulting Islam” it’s for “racially aggravated crime”.  Well, a) There was no crime, b) Islam isn’t a race, and c) if you think that the latest “Kill the Jews!” Imam has to fear anything like this, you have another thing coming.

    So, welcome to life under Islamic occupation, people of Great Britain.

    And that is what it is.  This needs to be repeated until it sinks in: when people move  a country to abide by its laws and become part of its society, that’s called immigration.  When people move to a country and work to impose their laws on it and subordinate society to themselves, that’s called colonization.

    This is even before I’ve gotten into the non-judicial lynching that Islam practices against its opponents.  Certain people, and I am naming no names, are taking the Reza Aslan line that that is okay because Muslims “feel powerless”. I imagine plenty of Southern Christians felt powerless in the face of “outside agitators and uppity knee-grows” so certain people must think that the occasional KKK lynching was okay too.

    Though, look above.  How ‘powerless’ do Muslims really feel?  Try being an infidel in an Islamic country if you want to feel ‘powerless’.  These days, try being an infidel in an infidel country.


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    Article by: The Prussian