• I’m disappointed in the neoreactionaries

    Following the kerfuffle of my Anti-Racialist Q & A, I was waiting for a fierce response.  After all, these guys dig through vast amounts of arcane literature, write long essays and pride themselves on being afraid of nothing.  So, I confess I was a bit nervous and was waiting for a big, serious argument: deep criticism, hard arguments about points, the stink of cordite in the air…  Something to really cut my teeth on.

    Instead, well, see for yourself:

    Geez.  It’s like almost like talking to PZ Myers.

    Seriously, that’s it?  That’s the full extent of your arsenal?

    To be fair, there seem to be some neoreactionaries, ones that incline to more of the transhumanist/monarchist axis who seem to have the stones for a serious argument & some of them seem to be preparing such (I am thinking of More Right and Outside In at the moment; I suspect John Derbyshire, who is a talented writer, could probably give a bit more ginger).

    But for the rest of these chaps, it seems like neoreactionary racialists think they’re like this:




    Whereas they’re really a bit more like this:



    I mean, seriously.  Guys, I have read Julius Evola, you know.  When he describes how a scared law is imposed by a Mannerbund onto the formless chaos of human relations (examples being the Spartans, the Knights Teutonic who founded Prussia etc.), when he writes:

    [Nations] establishment occurred through conquests and aggregative and formative processes that presuppose the continuity of a power, of a principle of sovereignty and of authority, as well as the bond of a group of men sharing the same idea and loyalty, pursuing the same goal, and obeying the same inner law reflected in a specific political and social ideal. Such is the generating principle and the basis of every great nation.

    How does that not apply to the ANC or the CNDP?

    Hello?  Anyone?

    That said, while I am disappointed in the neoreactionaries, my contempt for the liberal mainstream has been deepened immeasurably.  Seriously, you guys are being cut up and humiliated by this?

    I do have a bit of compassion for the racialists though.  After all, we live in society where all sorts of racialist bilge is fine as long as it’s on the left, where a filmmaker can defend fascist murders of all stripes and promulgate wild financial conspiracy theories, and be embraced and praised up and down the Western world, where an academic shilling for the Khmer Rouge and Slobodan Milosevic is feted with every honour, and where a spokeswoman for the President of the United States can praise the greatest mass murder of the twentieth century

    Well, with all of that, it’s not unreasonable for them to conclude, why not go in for a defence of slavery, an attack on democracy, a little light Hitler apologia?  Why is it that this particular strain of murderous nonsense doesn’t get a pass when all the others do?

    And they’re right about that.  That’s something the mainstream  cannot answer.

    Unfortunately for them, they weren’t just dealing with the mainstream.  They ran into me.


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