• Friday Jihad round up

    The real agenda behind the push for “Islamophobia”.  Well worth the read.

    German salafist Sven Lau imprisoned for preparing a serious jihad attack.

    The majority of European Muslims place Shariah about the law of the land.  Someone tell me again why Islamic immigration hasn’t been the biggest disaster of the last fifty years.

    US orders removal of “anti-Islam film” from youtube.  US ordering removal of pro-Islam and pro-jihad films… you’ll have to wait.

    Woman sentenced to be gang raped by 5 men in Pakistan tells her story.

    Positive review of Bat Ye’or in mainstream Austrian newspaper.  Slowly, slowly the cocoon crumbles…

    Muslims want to transform the Cordoba Cathedral into a Mosque.

    Amnesty International’s jihad problem. 

    Pushback against Mosque-building in Germany.

    UK judge tells jihadists that he knows more about Islam than they.  Delusions increase.

    MILF jihadist leader freed in Philippines.  Fill in your own joke here.

    Jihadists bomb Zanzibar cathedral and tourist bar.

    Czech Muslims want to ban a book by an apostate.

    Glenn Greenwald kissing Islamic arse.  Rick Ellensburg can’t be far behind.

    Jezebel, the “feminist” website, leaps to defend the Syrian jihadis. 

    Jihad attacks are okay on those trying to get to Mars.  Look, we’re just trying to get away from you assholes…

    The crackpot Nation of Islam wants separate courts for black Americans.

    Malala Yousafzai backs campaign against FGM in the UK.

    Syria fighters ‘pour scorn on jihad tourists’.  C’mon, Syrians!  Do us all a favour and kill them.

    Danish ‘halal’ ban stuns Muslims.  Nice to see their priorities are in order.

    The Muslim immigration question – “a debate whose time has come”?  Actually, one that is way overdue.

    “Boko Haram terrorists should not be mistaken for Islamic adherents”.  What then?  Methodists?

    Virginia counter-terror training by anti-Muslim activist   someone who actually knows what he’s talking about, sparks outrage.

    Car bomb outside presidential palace in Mogadishu.

    “Islam is not the enemy”.  Yes, yes it is.

    German gay rights organisation says that Islamophobia and Homophobia are basically the same.  Turkeys voting for Christmas doesn’t begin to cover this.

    Malaysian newspaper tells non-Malays not to insult Islam.  Oh yeah?  Islam’s genesis is one of, if not the, worst disasters in human history.

    Opera against Islamic oppression. 

    UK soldiers warned not to dress as soldiers in public because of copy-cat Rigby-style killings. 

    German jihadist poses with severed heads.

    Seven Christians murdered execution style in Egypt.

    Armed Islamic mob blocks Church construction in Sumatra. 

    UK Muslim – Muslims are to blame for “Islamophobia”.

    Apparently Breivik was actually a Nazi and wanted to discredit “Zionists”.

    Dutch keep ten young jihadis from going to Syria.  Why don’t you want them to leave?  Ten fewer troubles.

    UK Muslim jailed for threatening to cut off policeman’s penis.

    Afghan jihadis fire on women’s clinic, killing two.

    Nigerian students “slaughtered like sheep” by Boko Haram.  For the umpteenth time, this has what to do with US policy?

    Iran is “preparing for decisive war against Zionist entity”.  And they’re building nukes.  Lefties, you asked for this.

    India’s Muslims urged to join the jihad. 

    Saudi Arabia on alert as army of Saudis rush to join Syria jihad. 

    Bahrain warns citizens against joining jihad initiative.  Good luck with that.

    Muslims whining about distrust in the US. 

    Barack Obama wins “Islamophobia” prize. Congratulations!

    Muslim Boys school: No women need apply.  Hey, feminists – isn’t this “patriarchy”?  C’mon where is your bravery now?

    Somalia car bomb kills seven people.

    Syrian jihadists enforce Shariah on Syrian Christians.

    Jihad operators slapped with 18 year travel ban in Saudi Arabia. 

    Violence against women spikes in re-Islamizing Turkey. 

    Jihad at sea – Al Qaeda’s front off the shores of Yemen. 

    Syrian jihadists sitting on Syria’s oilfields.

    Jihad against Katy Perry.

    Muslim converts who murdered Lee Rigby jailed for life. 

    Russia begins to clamp down on the blowback from Syria jihad. 

    Somalia PM forms plan against ‘terrorism’.  Oh joy.

    Al-Shabab threatens to kill anyone who supports the Christians. 

    Reformist Iranian newspaper shut down for ‘insulting Islam’.

    Jihadist jailed for five years for bombing social security office.

    SPLC drops Nation of Islam from its list, demonstrating that it is nothing more than the US branch of the antifa nutbags.

    Ex-Gitmo prisoner arrested in Britain.

    Boko Haram kills another 37 Christian students. 

    Sultan of Brunei threatens to imprison anyone objecting to jihad.

    Four Britons held over ‘syria linked’ terrorism.

    U.S. Imam declares 9/11 faked to allow the U.S. to declare war on Islam.  Oh, I wish it would…

    Burka clad suicide bomber in Kabul.

    Morocco’s struggle against jihad in Africa.

    Muslims want ‘right of return to Spain’.  How about a ‘right of return’ for infidels to the Middle East, huh?  I hope Spain isn’t this crazy.

    Muslim businessmen use blasphemy accusations to grab Christian lands in Pakistan.

    Growing terror of foreign jihadists in India.

    Saudi Imam preaches jihad, calls to chop off hands and tongues of “traitors in the Arab Media”.

    Iran to sell Iraq arms to ‘fight against terrorism’.  They’ve got a sense of humour, I’ll give them that.

    Syrian army continues to kill jihadis.  Good.

    Michigan school forces its students to wear hijab ‘to experience another culture.’  Separation of Church and State, fine.  Separation of Mosque and State…

    Tunisia fights terrorist finance networks.

    Non-Muslims fight for survival in Pakistan. 

    UK assures anti-terrorism cooperation – with Pakistan.  Anyone else see the slight problem?

    Egyptian Sheikh calls for crucifying, cutting off hands of Muslim Brotherhood affiliates.   The enemy of my enemy isn’t necessary my friend.

    Canadian “moderate Muslim” incites Muslim judges and civil servants to put Shariah over common law. 

    Taliban attack kills 21 Afghan soldiers.

    Bombing of passenger bus in Pakistan kills 10 people.

    “Is fear of Islam unfounded?”  Common sense from the Iranian, of all places.

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    Article by: The Prussian