• Friday Jihad round up

    250 jihadis fighting in Syria return and plan a Bombay style terror attack in Britain.

    An atheist meets an al-Shabab recruiter.

    Muslim groups demand apology from the Daily Mail for negative stereotypes.  Just as soon as they apologise for their negative stereotypes of us infidels.

    Syrian girl stoned to death for facebook account.

    North Caucasus jihad funded by gulf states.

    Islam is Ireland’s fastest growing religion.  If you think that things were rough when it was Catholics vs Protestants, wait until it is Sunni vs Shia.

    Sudan destroys more churches as part of its Islamization campaign.

    “We enjoy shedding blood […] The reason why I will kill you is you are infidels, you follow Democracy…Whoever follows Democracy is an infidel.” – Sorry, I have to ask again: HOW is this the fault of anything but Islam first, second, and third?

    Iran’s pop queen has music video featuring lesbian couple.  This is what real bold transgressiveness looks like.

    Muslima tells Jews that they “should go back to the ovens“.  And these are the people the good people all want to support.

    Death to all infidels who want to live on Mars.  Yet another fatwa that affects me directly.

    Sunni-Shia schism “has been poisoning Islam for 1,400 years – and it’s getting worse”

    China says 11 terrorists killed in Xinjiang unrest.  I warned you boys – these are not the nice Europeans you’re tangling with.

    Israeli bill differentiating between Christian and Muslim Arabs progresses.  Finally, some sanity.

    Baroness Warsi ‘saddened’ by rise in Islamic sectarianism.  Better get used to it./

    And there are some less nice Europeans you might want to be worried about – take a look at this anti-Mosque protest.

    Dozens of Christians murdered by Boko Haram.  I notice my colleague is covering this one too.

    A report on Salafist movements in Germany.  

    ‘Kill the gays’ penalty proposed by Malawi Muslim Association.

    Russia taking revenge on political Islam.  Good for them.

    500 honour killings a year in Pakistan.

    Jihadist plotting to kill Prince Harry.

    Kerry blasts Assad for terrorism.  While providing arms to the terrorists fighting Assad.  Madness.

    Somali government sending weapons to al-Shabab.

    Sinai tourist bus hit by terrorism, 3 dead, 27 wounded.  Jihad group claims responsibility.  And the victims were South Korean Christians, for the benefit of those who are going to start yelling “But ISRAEL!!!!”

    “Troubles in the global jihad movement.”  Music to my ears!

    Chutzpah alert!  Iran urges Muslims to unite against extremism.  

    “Cooperation with Pakistan against terrorism to continue: US”  Do these morons never learn?  Here’s a hint, American government – when they openly hide bin Laden and protect him, then they’re not your friends.

    Morsi and 35 others facing court on terrorism charges in Egypt.

    Jihadis threw thirteen people into an empty tank and left them to die in the CAR.

    Jihad against the Taliban.  Good luck.

    No religion but Islam under Shariah.  No kidding, and in 2019 we’ll let the Shariah patrol back out onto the streets in Britain.

    “The Fuhrer and his prophet”  – A  good German article on the connection between Nazism and Islam.

    Iran sees itself as Islam’s saviour.

    Next Indian PM may be ‘seriously anti-Muslim’.  You guys started this, boys.

    Reza Aslan wants the Muslim Brotherhood in power in Egypt.  Of course the little shit does.

    And here’s his less polished counterpart – al-Zawahiri calls for jihad against secularism in Bangladesh.

    Kenya says that jihad videos are illegal.  Finally, some sense.

    Couple stoned to death in Loralai village after cleric issues fatwa on them.

    Islam’s second crisis – let’s hope it’s fatal this time.

    Turkey’s laws against terrorism financing under scrutiny.

    Islamic Jihad publishes illustrated guide to the Israel Defence Forces. 

    Acheh’s sharia negates Islam as a religion of mercy“.

    Hundreds protest in Tunisia against terrorism after latest jihad attack.  I’ve noticed this sort of thing before – the average Muslim doesn’t complain about jihad when it hits infidels, but when it comes closer to home…  

    Muslim tries to burn down gay club in Seattle, says gays should be exterminated.

    Hindus are furious about forced conversions in Pakistan.  As they should.  Which, incidentally, puts this into perspective “US religious freedom rep accused of being funded by anti-Islam groups.”  I think we realize that religious freedom is anti-Islam by definition.

    Islamization is the priority of Maldives by President Yameen.

    New York pipe bomb suspect pleads guilty.

    When the Islamists seized power in Khartoum, the civil war became jihad. Jihad is a religious and an Islamic term. It has nothing to do with what happened during the civil war. They were determined to do as much harm as possible to non-Muslims.

    Al-Qaeda to target lebanese Christians.  

    Anti-semitic play on Egyptian TV.

    US security alerts airlines to possible shoe-bomb threat.

    Plea-deal for Florida jihad supporter.

    Why we are ready to fight”.  The Iranian theocracy spells it out:  reason 1) Islam.  Reason 2) see reason 1)

    ‘Valued Ally’ Saudi Arabia supports terrorism, urges US to go to war in Syria. 

    Niger trains anti-terrorism forces.

    Indonesian man’s jihad death in Iraq – once more, this is global menace.


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