• Friday Jihad round up

    Biggest children’s book publisher erases Israel from its maps.  I know some people are probably happy about this…

    Puffed-up believers – a refreshingly honest article on Islamic bigotry and arrogance.

    Islam spreading in Zambia.

    Christians ‘face extinction’ in the Middle East.

    Islam is on the rise in the United States and in Europe and Jihadist organizations are fighting to impose Allah’s rule by force on the world at large.

    “Terrorists defame peace-loving Islam”.  Of course they do.

    “Far right parties join forces against Islam and Brussels”.  You asked for it, boys.

    Letter from victim of honour-killing.  “I know in your culture my pregnancy is shameful but what your son has done to try and get me to have an abortion is even more shameful.

    Murder someone in Berlin?  No problems as long as you can pay 100 camels!  But remember, all concerns about Eurabia and creeping Sharia are just scaremongering…

    Malaysian minister – defending LGBT rights is “undermining Islam“.

    Bit of push back – Liverpool University cancels talk of Muslim cleric because of Islamic homophobia.  The whole “gay people are worse than  animals” thing.

    Jihad in Frankfurt – Salafists recruiting on school grounds.

    Four jihadis jailed in Russia.

    Muslim Brotherhood thrives in Britain.

    Apparently in Quebec, it takes a liberal Muslim woman to oppose the chador when her squishy infidel colleagues refuse to do so.

    “Social Media a threat to Islam”.  That’s from Malaysia.  Islam prides itself as being the final, perfect revelation and it’s scared of facebook.

    German Jihadist killed in Syria.

    The last jew in Afghanistan. Hmmm, what did happen to all the others?  Oh, well, I’m sure it can all be blamed on Israel and the US.

    Sharia-zones in Germany.  Wish we were a bit more like this: No place for Sharia in Russia. 

    New, tough Sharia laws in Brunei 

    Pakistani Jihadists bring polio to Syria.  You can yell loudly, you can declare your idiotic faith, you can kill, but you cannot do squat against the power of the real world.

    Burka jihadists is linked to Olympic plot.

    Chinese Uighurs blame their violence on everything other than Jihad and Islam.  Of course they do.

    For those who find HAMAS too moderate: Islamic Jihad (the movement) is on the rise. 

    Damascus mortar fire targets childrens school.  Nine children dead.


    Jihad joe: Americans who have joined the Jihad (which these morons call “Islamist Crusade”).

    Buddhist monks rally against OIC.

    Even the Guardian gets it: American and British aid subsidizes the Palestinian Jihad.

    New, democratic Iraq: riots over “offense to Islam”.  Violence, lynching, demonstrations….

    Let’s have some drones.  Lots and lots of drones.  Boko Haram is trying to tear Nigeria in two and establish a Sharia state.

    Gaza militants are buzzing off to Syria.

    Indonesian Catholic schools under pressure to teach Islam.

    Greek supreme court puts Sharia above secular law.

    Ten issues for the Islamic reformation.

    China jihad ignites “debate”.  I’ll bet. China, Indonesia in joint “anti-terrorism” exercise.  Meanwhile, there’s an attempt to export Jihad to China.  Careful boys, these aren’t anywhere near as sweet as the Euro-Americans…

    Muslim convert in knife riot.

    Silencing the truth about the jihad against Israel in France.

    Nebraska Muslim arrested for hate crime against his lesbian sister.  Attacking with a crowbar.

    Syria’s Muslim brotherhood announces political party.  Of course it is.

    Salafis declare jihad on Yemeni Shiites.  Nothing to do with religion update.

    Cleric calls for jihad against Egyptian army.

    Mix of ideas drive “europeans” to join the Jihad

    Political Islam still alive in Egypt.

    Polio spreading in Sudan thanks to block of the vaccine.

    Arab spring nations reverse course on women’s rights.  Surprise me.

    Egypt’s Christians close ranks as kidnappings spike.  But remember: drawing attention to this is just down to anti-Arab racism,

    Bosnian US embassy attacker says sorry  This is the Muslim nation saved from extinction by the US, let me note.  But remember – it’s all caused by the US!

    Russia fears the jihadis returning from Syria.  And the US President is arming them.

    Muslim Brotherhood members charge speaker in London university.  Expel them all.

    30 dead in most recent Iraqi suicide-murder.

    Christians in Syria face mounting horrors.  Why can’t we extend refuge to them?  Christians beg the West to leave them alone – i.e., quit arming the jihadis.

    British contractor beaten in Iraq for a supposed insult to Islam.

    Boko Haram and Ansaru designated terrorist organisations.



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