• Friday Jihad round up

    A very good article on the rape culture of Pakistan.

    Imam who wants gays thrown off mountain-tops is speaking at the Islamic Center in London.

    Maryam Namazie on the ongoing takfir case against the leader of the British council of ex-Muslims.

    Security increased in advance of Miss World.

    Boko Haram continues its murder spree in Nigeria.  Death toll at 65.

    The Sunni-Shia Jihad claims another twenty-four lives – someone explain to me how this is the fault of the US again?

    Syrian Jihadists show their true colours.

    Muslim President of Gambia – homosexuals are a threat to human existence.  Again: this is the fault of US policy, how?

    You can get expelled for mocking Islam – again, not religious reasons? (Okay, I’ll knock it off now)

    Discussion on the White Widow.

    Violence is making Islam unattractive.”

    Now that’s dealing with the root cause – Russia’s cracking down on Koran translations.

    Oh look – the Islamic gunmen in Kenya quizzed everyone on their Islamic knowledge – but it has nothing to do with religion… (sorry!)

    Kenyans push back – jihadist preacher shot dead.

    Mr Slippery finds a teensy-weensy ball and supports the veil ban.

    Turkey reverses the headscarf ban – the re-Islamization continues.  Thanks EU!

    Muslim prisoners complain about pork in their halal.  Don’t like it, don’t eat it.

    Muslim women don’t care if you feel uncomfortable – the question is, why should anyone else give a damn what they feel?

    Muslim body tries to lower the age of marriage, but the girls fight back. 

    Quarter of young Brits do not trust Muslims.  I imagine the other 75% do not pay that much attention.

    Homeland security advisor makes Muslim Brotherhood salute – oh, dear, what could go wrong?

    Muslims betray their Christian neighbours.

    Al Qaeda spells out that there is not going to be peace with Infidels.  Ever.  Bring it on, bitches.

    Father and Son jihadi team.

    French Muslima has Al Qaeda ties – remember, this has nothing to do with religion!

    And an accountant of NYC gets 18 years for aiding al-Qaeda.

    Muslims whining about the term “Islamist” – I agree, there’s no such thing.  Islam will do fine.

    Women’s rights activist murdered in Pakistan.

    2,000 lashes for dancing in the streets – supposedly naked for a questionable definition of naked.


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