• Friday Jihad round up

    My esteemed colleague over at No Cross, No Crescent has an excellent round up of his own.  Go and read it!

    Don’t get me started on the Kenya atrocity, or the fact that Mr Slippery is jumping to make apologies for it. Despite the fact that people are being shot for failing to correctly answer questions about Islam.

    Meanwhile, Islamic spokesmen are so shameless that they say “Who cares?” about US jihadists joining in the slaughter and start whining about Islamophobia…  Oh, and used this bullshit charge to help the killers in the first place.

    Oh, and look: Somali-Americans are “worried about backlash”.  Would it kill them for once to show a little compassion for the victims?  To just possibly not always make it all about them?

    Meanwhile, Harvard is holding a lecture “Why does the West fear Islam?”  Gee, that’s a toughie…

    Phyllis Chesler describing her experience in Kabul.

    Wow – sixty Christians murdered in Pakistan in one bomb – or is it seventy-five?  As Sam Harris observes 

    “(Starting with “A”) Armstrong, Aslan, Atran: Who will be the first to say this has nothing to do with religion?”

    And “radical Islam increases among Israeli Arabs“.  Of course it is.

    Another attack in the Southern Philippines.

    The Swiss ban the face veil – good for them.

    A teacher quits after being ordered to put on the headscarf.

    Egypt’s new Junta keeps the heat on the Muslim Brotherhood.  Good.

    Another murder in Nigeria.

    I am ashamed of being a Muslim” .  Now there for once speaks the voice of true humanity.  To this lonely soul: you don’t have to bear the shame.  Just renounce this evil and free your mind.

    Rape of Muslim Women, for the sake of Jihad.  Ever wonder what they’d do to Infidel women?

    Teenage criminals convert to Islam.  Just the religion for them.

    “Why I think Islamists are anti-Islam” is a good example of why I think Muslim leaders are liars.

    Political Islam is losing its influence in the Middle East – one can only hope.

    Gee, and there Obama was going to arm them  – Syrian rebels reject opposition coalition, call for Islamic leadership.

    And further attacks in Kashmir.

    Someone mind explaining to me how this is only about the United States, again?

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    Article by: The Prussian