• Enlightenment rebooted x 3: Girls, not brides

    Sister of a friend of mine does splendid work for this charity.


    “Girls, not brides” is trying to fight the menace of world-wide ‘child marriage’.  Or, rather, forced concubinage.

    Read the following:

    I was 14 years old when our village school re-opened. Most parents only sent their male children. But my dad had made up his mind to do whatever it took to send his children to school because he had dropped out when he was very young. I was the only girl in the whole school.

    With time, my friends started developing interest. Most of them joined because they found it a way to escape chores and others were impressed by the changes they saw in me. Registration was free so anyone could join the school. As for my mum, she only allowed me to go to school because my dad said so. Every morning she gave me stuff to sell when I got to school.

    This what real women’s emancipation  is about.  This is what real women’s rights activism looks like.  Please do not be put off the real thing by the phony substitutes.




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