• Friday Jihad Round up

    The Fatherland hosts protests in solidarity with our fellow infidels, the Egyptian copts. 

    As much as I loathe this source – the video footage is worth it, of why that solidarity is necessary. 

    At least we’re getting Morsi’s ass in the dock for this.

    Another day, another Afghan terrorist attack with predominantly Muslim victims – but remember, it’s only Muslim-haters who point this stuff out.

    Strange days indeed – Mark Steyn and Richard Dawkins on the same side.  I should write a longer post about this…

    Meanwhile the Guardianistas whine that Obama is being mean to Muslims.  I could put up with this if, for once, you’d hear some complaints about how infidels are treated from this crowd.

    I am very glad to hear that Obama has been saved from himself on this Syria lunacy – Douglas Murray explains why. Now, if Obama actually wants to do some good, he could look at getting some help to the numbers of Infidel refugees from that part of the world…

    EDIT: Spoke too soon on that one…  World War III here we come!  Someone please inform Obama that locking horns with Vladimir Putin is not like taking on Glenn Beck.

    Meanwhile the “rebels” attack our fellow infidels. Yes, I know that’s Breitbart, but the NYT does not seem to disagree.  Nor does Al-Hadath.

    Sticking up for my fellow Objectivists – Yaron Brook points out that it defies belief that the US continues to defend Pakistan and refuses to ally with India.  You know, the other English speaking, secular, multi-ethnic superpower.

    South Africa is getting on the Criminalize All Criticism of Islam bandwagon.

    Conversely, at least in Britain some people are getting it – £85,000 fine for incitement to murder.  Way too little, too late – should be life imprisonment (standard penalty for attempted murder) for the perp.

    Finally, a fatwa against murdering innocents – just hope the guy isn’t using the “All kaffirs are not innocent” dodge.

    The Ahmadiyya community expands – something I am glad to hear, since, unlike the usual dissemblers, the Ahmadiyya are a genuinely peaceful sect.

    One in five CIA applicants has ties to HAMAS, Hezbollah or Al Qaeda.  As the Hitch said: shut it down.

    The BBC finds its testicles and runs a special on the sexual grooming of Sikh girls by Muslim men.  Read more here.

    From the It Is Not Just A Fear Of Us Right Wingers You Morons Department, a charming editorial claiming that Europe deserves Shariah for encouraging icky stuff like accepting gays. 

    Legal moves to undermine the Muslim Brotherhood – faster, please.

    Muslim mothers are fed to the teeth with conditions in the ghettoes of Marseilles.

    Another year, another Jihad against Miss World.  If she needs a place to hide, allow me to volunteer my digs…

    Treating women like Cattle in Kabul (h/t Phyllis Chesler)

    “There is a place for gays in Islam” – this guy has some serious onions.  So do these girls.

    Newly trans and newly Islamic, and apparently so spectacularly clueless that she is surprised at discrimination.  Buckle up girl, it will get a lot worse…

    The Jihad round up will probably not take place next week – I’m currently travelling…




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