• Friday Jihad round up

    Imam who stirred up the cartoon controversy defects and warns “extremists run all Danish mosques”.  

    Hindu children attacked by Muslims for singing (is it racist to bring this up?  Or is it an utter failure of internationalism not to bring this up?).  Meanwhile Hindus are being forced to convert at gunpoint in Pakistan.

    Car bombs in Tripoli, 42 dead.  (see above)

    Russia tried to warn the US about the Chechen jihad, not that that made any difference.

    Christians fear Jihad attacks in Egypt.

    Malaysian Muslims want Islam before all else.

    Edrogan openly abandons “reformed moderate Islam”.  Go figure.

    In France, a direct conflict between Islam and democracy is being openly discussed. 

    Al Qaeda vs Hezbollah – pity they can’t both lose.

    The New Indian Express summarizes it nicely: No let up in Islam vs Islam.

    In Pakistan one of our infidels is being sentenced to death for drinking from a Muslim cup of water.

    Every third Christian in Somalia has been murdered.

    Yet more attacks on Christians in Nigeria.

    Some rousing words from Lars Hedegaard.

    Preview of Europe if this goes on – what happens when infidels answer in kind

    Finally, some Muslims speak up. “Today, onlookers could be forgiven for assuming that brutal Quranic penalties are critical components to an observed Muslim life, ”  – really?


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