• Okay, this is very, very bad

    I’ve been asked about my views on Geert Wilders before now, and I have typically held my tongue, because I wasn’t sure what to think.  In effect, I held out hope that Wilders might be the spearhead of a classical liberal resistance to both Islamic Jihad and Native European fascism.  I was very impressed by his defences of Israel and his statement that he would no way go along with the likes of Haider and Le Pen.

    Well, that’s no longer true. Wilders has buried the hatchet, and is now going along with H.C. Strache (Freedom Party of Austria) and Jean Marie-LePen (National Front of France).

    Let me say at the outset that I am well aware that Wilders has had to put up with stuff no one should have to for their opinions; everything from living under permanent security, to prosecution, to being kept out of the UK while creeps like Abu Qutada is let in, to having to deal with seeing Fitna banned while “The Assassination of Geert Wilders” is allowed to play freely.

    None of that makes this okay.  None of that makes either the FPO or the Front National nice.  I suppose I can hope that Wilders has either been suckered by their new image, or that he is hoping they may be reformed.

    But honestly, I feel despair setting in.   This is the final product of the mainstream’s cowardice.   In Europe now, we have a situation where if you try to be a liberal opponent of Islamic aggression you are either assassinated (Pim Fortuyn), exiled (Ayaan Hirsi Ali), or driven to the far right (Wilders).

    If I believed in Him, I would say: God help us all.

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    Article by: The Prussian