• I knew this would happen

    In my post on Kaitlyn Hunt, I warned that if Gay Rights advocates tried to defend the indefensible they were handing live ammo to their enemies.  Case in point, the following:

    Why gays would want consent laws overthrown is not in question. Youth is a commodity in the gay world, a pearl of great price. For gays, both male and female, it’s the younger the better.

    There’s more if you can stand to read it.  The homosexuality-to-pedophilia slur has long been one of the most vicious in the gay-basher’s arsenal.  It’s taken a long time to establish a consensus against this venomous stupidity, and all that work may now be undone by the irresponsibility of those trying to portray Ms Hunt as a martyr rather than a predator.

    And to my fellow “rightists” – when you slam homosexuals tout court you are slamming Old Fritz.  And then we are going to have some problems.


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    Article by: The Prussian