• Get angry, kaffirs!

    Predictably, my post about Mehdi Hasan has drawn some responses.  I don’t particularly mind the Muslim whiner who is all “Muslims weren’t planning a concentration camp in Palestine and anyway the jews had it coming”.  What bothers me is the supposed atheist who launches into a long whinge about Dubya’s granddaddy, and “what about the neoCons anyway?”.

    Listen to that clip of Hasan.  He is describing you – yes you sitting there, in your chair, looking at the screen right now – as “cattle”, as of congenitally low intelligence, as a no-good kaffir.  Which is why he thinks it’s fine to lie to us.

    Why aren’t more of you pissed off about this?  Can you imagine the outcry if a political group made comments like this?  If someone said all “new labour/old labour/tories/socialists/republicans/democrats/whatever are nothing but a bunch of cattle and dumb animals”?  Do you care to think of the outcry?  I’m not sure you’d find such naked bigotry in WorldNetDaily; hell, it makes the Ron Paul newsletters look good.

    Yet here we have the editor of one of Britain’s leading newspapers, the man in charge of Huffington post, UK branch, describing us all as a bunch of cattle.  Why aren’t you angry about this?  Where’s your self-respect?

    Come on my fellow kaffirs, show some damn backbone about this!

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    Article by: The Prussian