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    Legalized prostitution is apparently failing to prevent trafficking in human flesh in the Netherlands:


    The sex industry in Amsterdam, often hailed as an exploitation-free zone, has also been  shaped by the huge influx of desperate, vulnerable women coming to the EU from Eastern Europe, Africa and southeast Asia to work in the legal zones. Most will have been trafficked by criminal gangs or individual entrepreneurs promising them a better life and the chance to earn a lot of money. Trafficking, and a sharp rise in heroin and crack cocaine abuse among prostitutes, means the women are increasingly desperate, resulting in customers getting what they want.

      Many people, myself included, were in favor of legalizing prostitution to stop this stuff.  Now it appears that it’s the same problem as with drugs; unless you throttle the problem at the source, there’s no alternative but for abstinence.
     Comrade Cohen on the excellent documentary Islam: The Untold Story (if you haven’t seen it yet, do so now.  Warning, on youtube there’s several ones that are being wrongly labelled as this for propaganda purposes.  Here’s an alternative link for our transatlantic cousins.  Also the Council of Ex-Muslims on the subject, courtesy of comrade Faisal).  Also his take on the horrors of child rape and its cover ups.
     The rise of the Golden Dawn in Greece, courtesy of Searchlight.
    And Raheem Kassamm on Hezbollah, courtesy of the Henry Jackson society.



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