• Blasphemy 2017

    Blasphemy Day is nearly over, and I barely have the heart for a good bit of sacrilege. In fact, I’ve barely had the heart for some time. What price the good old sky-fairy faiths these days? They’re hardly worth blaspheming any more. There’s a new kid on the block, a New Religious Movement masquerading as a secular striving for social justice, and it sucks up all the energy around it like a black hole hoovering space. Yep, you don’t need a supernatural being to have a religion—you just need an ideology that “others” the unconverted, and away you go.

    And where there is an ideology, there is potential for blasphemy. So perhaps I can work up the heart after all. Here are fourteen random 21st-century blasphemies, suitable for getting me burned at the stake, or at least mildly scorched.

    1. We do not live in a patriarchy.
    2. We do not live in a rape culture.
    3. Women in the western democracies are not oppressed.
    4. The wage gap is a myth.
    5. Trump may be a disaster, but he is not the devil incarnate.
    6. Women are welcome in STEM.
    7. “Privilege” is conferred by socioeconomic status, not skin colour.
    8. Europeans did not invent slavery.
    9. Racism does not equal prejudice plus power.
    10. Trump supporters are not automatically misogynists, homophobes, transphobes, and/or white supremacists.
    11. It was not Hillary’s turn.
    12. Critical Race Theory is profoundly racist.
    13. Safe spaces are the new apartheid.
    14. Men are generally pretty decent. Even white ones.

    And a happy Blasphemy Day to you all.

    Category: FeaturedSecularism

    Article by: Rebecca Bradley