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    lattruthcoverAttention, shoppers!  Just in time for Mithrasmas – or whatever the hell you choose to call this festive season—we bring you the full ebook version of The Lateral Truth: An Apostate’s Bible Stories, available for your convenience in Kindle, Kobo, and Nook formats:

    Was Moses really such a great liberator? How did a thug as thick as Samson get to be a hero? Wasn’t the miracle at Bethesda about as merciful as pulling wings off flies? The fifteen stories in The Lateral Truth follow selected biblical themes through to their illogical conclusions, building on questions the author was never brave enough to ask in Sunday school.

    Note: some of the shorter tales have been posted on this site over the past three years; now they’re all neatly packaged up in e-form, along with stories and a novella that have never seen the light of electronic day.  Add in a wicked new cover designed by J. Pearce, featuring Léon Bonnat’s painting of a buck-naked Job looking somewhat out of patience.  What better gift could there be for that hard-to-please apostate on your list?

    But wait!  There’s more!

    Also available in Kindle, Kobo, and Nook is my latest novel, Cadon, Hunter, set in an era when tribal societiescadoncover share the world with the earliest civilizations.  After a young nomadic hunter-gatherer accidentally manages to devastate the confederacy of tribes he belongs to, he must embark with a few other survivors on a picaresque journey into the far more hazardous civilized world.  While not idealizing the Wild Ones as noble savages, the story turns the notion of “civilized” on its head, and takes a side-swipe at the origins of religion.  It’s pretty funny, too.  Anyway, I think it’s funny.

    Plus, I had to find some use for that PhD in archaeology.

    Happy Mithrasmas shopping!

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    Article by: Rebecca Bradley