• Fun and games in Canadaland


    The Canadian political scene has not been so entertaining since the riotous times of Stockwell Day, young-earth creationist and Leader of the stockwell-day1Official Opposition, with his hilarious photo-op on Lake Okanagan some years back.   But how innocent all that seems in retrospect.

    Now we have a rolling series of corruption-at-the-top playlets:

    • Several senators who show mysteriously less aptitude for filing expense claims than the rest of us are expected to show when filing our taxes;
    • Prime Minister Harper’s ex-right-hand-man, selfless benefactor of one of these poverty-stricken senators, and now under criminal investigation by the RCMP;
    • The mayor of Toronto, who may or may not have been videotaped smoking crack cocaine; and
    • The anti-corruption mayor of Montreal (ex-mayor as of a few hours ago), arrested today on charges of – er – corruption.  Also conspiracy, fraud, breach of trust, and such.

    Well, we all enjoy a good scandal.  I only wish these were the most egregious things happening in Canadian politics – less enjoyable are ongoing machete-chops at crucial Canadian institutions: the muzzling of Canadian scientists, the dismantling of research stations and social programs, the evisceration of cultural bodies and the CBC…no, these are not funny at all.  It almost makes me nostalgic for Stockwell “Flintstone” Day and his stupid seadoo.

    Category: Light Relief

    Article by: Rebecca Bradley