• “Prophet” feeds snakes to congregation

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    Sigh. There’s so much wrong with this story.

    First, we have a “prophet” by the name of Penuel Mnguni who lived in Soshanguve, Pretoria. He claims to turn rocks into bread and… snakes into chocolate. Here are some (truly awful) pics. You’ve been warned.

    Oh, and…

    In May, Mnguni, 24, was in the news with reports that he claimed to have turned members of his congregation into snakes.

    In the past, he’d asked his congregation members to strip because… who knows.

    He caused the “power of god” to turn a guy into a horse. Then he rode the “horse” around.

    He also jumps on top of people. Claims they can’t feel it because… again, who knows?


    So, what do you suppose is up with that congregation? I can’t help but wonder how he gets all these people sold on the notion of eating raw, living snakes. What kind of persuasive power do you have to physically jump on top of someone else without prompting copious complaints?

    Is this an educational issue? Superstition? Mass hysteria? Does he promise riches? Escape from hell? Tremendous social support?

    There’s a bit of good news in this story. Looks like a group called “Economic Freedom Fighters” burned down Mnguni’s tent/church.

    Earlier irate members of the community and EFF members stormed the church, where congregants have in recent weeks reportedly been fed snakes and rats by their pastor, Penuel Mnguni.


    Last month Mnguni was arrested and charged with animal cruelty after the SPCA laid a complaint. At the time the animal rights body said the practice of feeding rodents and snakes to congregants were traumatic to children who attended his church sermons.


    Minutes later the huge tent was set alight. Police were called but by the time they arrived, the tent had burnt to the ground.

    A police officer was heard asking a congregant where the pastor was and he was told “he’s long gone”. Before the marquee was burned down pastor Mnguni had been very actively preparing for the service.

    Sounds like the community is on alert:

    He also issued a stern warning to what he called “other mushrooming pastors” that they will not be allowed in the townships anymore.

    While I’m glad that Mnguni is long gone, I feel bad for the next group of gullible people who will fall prey to his scheme.

    Here’s his Facebook page. Lots of odd stuff there. Enjoy.

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