• Alexander Shevtsov: The Slapping Preacher

    Well, this was weird. I’m not sure who shared this video on my Facebook feed, but wowzers. It left me speechless. Check it out.


    An English translation of this video courtesy of the fine folks at Reddit.

    • Ok, so was is the solution? Let’s see. Come on, what is the solution, Janna (woman’s name).
    • Why should I care… Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap!
    • Oh, ou
    • Bitch, you have a man, bitch
    • I got it, I understand
    • What do you understand, bitch?
    • That I have a man Slap, slap, slap
    • The bitch is uncontrollable and harmfull evil. I am worknig very strictly right now, and the terminology that I use is very precise. THIS IS A BITCH! (points the finger at her). What does she do? She is with a different man again. She stays with any man that entice her with just one look. What are you doing bitch? Slap. Do you still not understand something?
    • No slap!
    • This bitch, you see, will not do what is needed for happiness. Whaere are you going? Do you see what she is doing? She hides.. end of video.

    OK. Man hits woman. Many times. People are blind folded. Yup. Nobody stops him. Wow.

    So, being the far too curious type, considering the scant information below the Youtube video, I felt the need to find out more about this person, his group, and what the heck is going on here.

    Here’s what I discovered (not much):

    This guy’s been at this a long time. You can find another video, this time he hits people with a stick, here.

    But still… no real information about Shevtsov.

    Then I found this.

    Turns out Shevtsov is an…

    …ethnographer and psychologist by training, established what he calls “The Sanctuary of Folk life”

    So, evidently these events… the ones where participants are hit… take place in a “sanctuary.”

    Many more people – sometimes up to 500-600 persons – come to participate in the regularly organized workshops and seminars. Perhaps, the most popular are the classes of martial arts. As a rule these combine learning traditional martial arts technique with the exercises of self-cultivation leading to the capacity to subdue the enemy without physical fighting, just through controlling his consciousness (once again, something very akin to the most advanced forms of the Taijiquan martial art in Chinese civilization). There are also workshops for producing traditional toys (mostly dolls stuffed with fragrant grass) as well as clothing etc. Sanctuary museum of the folk toys possesses already about 150 items and has acquired a popularity in Europe. Folklore wisdom related to the child bearing, family counseling and other aspects of everyday life are also explored and taught.

    So far, sounds fairly innocuous. But then we have this:

    Kresenie is essentially “burning out” (dulit, дулить) of evil influences which infected the soul from outside, or, simply speaking, possession (oderzhanie, одержание). These influences, or porcha, as well as various auto-generated obstacles (gamukha, гамуха) must be “burnt” just like the litter in Russian peasant’s house had to be burnt in the oven. There exist malicious fixations that can, so to say, mentally imprison a person (so called zapadki, западки which were imagined as a bulb in the steam – para, пара), or some malicious being which dwells in our memory (larva), or deeply rooted resentments having big extensions in the external world, spaces of hard feelings (kosmy, космы) etc.

    When we start talking soul burning, things can get a bit odd. Turns out he claims to “burn” soul diseases, too.

    There is also a group of special terms related to the burning of soul’s deceases: troplenie (finding a path to the source of sickness), rosstan (the place where one has lost the path). The essence of kresenie was called Skuma, скума (related, it seems, to the colloquial “kumekat”, understand) which culminates in the knowledge of one’s destiny. The highest form of knowledge that allowed the direct contemplation of Skuma was “mirroring”, the capacity to see something without evaluating it (one more analogy to the Taoist image of enlightened mind as mirror).

    Interesting, eh? Shevtsov is quite the mystery. If you can build on this discussion, add links in the discussion area below.

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