• God cured his gayism. Now he’s made a documentary.


    Oh, but it’s nonjudgmental. Completely nonjudgmental.

    Dennis Jernigan is a famous (evidently) Christian song writer. As I perused his discography, I admit I was intrigued. As a former church musician, some of the titles kept ringing bells (ha, a pun), faint memories took shape. Then I remembered.

    This is the dude who wrote the song that made me proclaim, “Maury! I think I just asked Jesus to go steady!” Then we broke into fits of laughter, right there in our pews.

    Ah, but the plot thickens. First, Jernigan evidently writes some music that makes “loving” Jesus a bit er… awkward. Then we have this:

    I invite you to become a DJ Insiders member. Membership is available at two different levels: $2.95 per month for Standard Members and $9.95 per month for Premium Members. You may roll over each item below to learn more about the features available to members. As a monthly subscriber, your subscription fee helps me get the message of hope and freedom out to many people — and think of all the benefits you receive as a result! There are no strings attached, as you are free to cancel your membership at anytime.

    I don’t know. Perhaps it’s my black sense of humor coming into play here, but some of the language… insider member, two levels, roll over… is a bit… I’ll just proceed without comment. (At least his name isn’t BJ.)

    Moving on…

    Turns out Jernigan (DJ for short) used to be gay. Now he’s not. God saved him.

    He’s sharing his story with the world via a new documentary called “Sing Over Me.” (Seriously? Why must so many phrases in this post have a creepy erotic vibe to it?)

    But hey, he’s completely nonjudgmental.  Completely. Just like he’s nonjudgemental in this video clip:


    I see he’s perfected the Christian one-two punch. Punch one, say something terribly hurtful; punch two, back off a tad by claiming to be filled with love. It’s a great way to keep your conversation partner off balance.

    It’s pretty cool, however, that at 1:20, he implies that homosexuality could be eliminated if “fathers would just do their job.” What “job” would that be? I suppose we’ll have to contact all the scientists studying this subject and let them know they can move on.

    It’s truly awesome when a lay person knows more than a scientist; someone who has devoted their life to a field of study. I suppose DJ would be thrilled to hear anyone can step into his shoes and start composing erotic church music. After all, there’s nothing, whatsoever, difficult about song writing, eh? (Disclaimer, I’m not acquainted with all of DJ’s work so I cannot make any definitive comments on the quality. Although I wasn’t particularly thrilled with the song cited in this article, some of his other music could be wonderful.)

    You can check out the documentary Facebook page here. He has a lengthy article at Ex-Gay Truth here. Here’s his IMBD page.

    I’d like to conclude this terribly disappointing post with a bit of sunlight courtesy of George Takei. Enjoy.


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