• Is your name in the Lamb’s Book of Life?


    Suppose you want to find out if you’re getting into heaven. As most Christians may (or may not) know, the only way to know for sure you’re in the “in” group is to have your name written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. This is why many Christians have a “sinner’s prayer,” baptism, some sort of ceremony when they convert. This will evidently ensure that God won’t forget to write down their name in that particular book. Say a prayer? Boom, it’s written down. Get some water sprinkled in your hair? You’re in. Do something bad? It’s evidently removed with a magical eraser.

    But what do you do if you’re unsure of the current status of your coveted listing in the Lamb’s Book of Life?

    Why, you can just call Bishop Thomas Wahome of Helecopter of Christ Church in Kenya. For a mere ten bucks, he’ll let you know if you, or someone you love, holds that desired listing.

    However, there are just a few minor ethical problems with this guy’s plan.

    1. Wahome lives in Kenya. UNICEF lists Kenya among the “30 poorest countries of the world. Many of the people living there simply don’t have that kind of money because…

    2. A whopping 25 percent of the Kenyan population lives on only a dollar per day. Which means…

    3. Wahome is charging these people the equivalent of two week’s living expenses simply to find out if they’re eligible to get into heaven.

    We have this courtesy of The Christian Post:

    Wahome, whose followers have branded him a prophet, believe he has been granted special access to the pages of God’s book and have reportedly been turning to him to check on their heavenly status.

    “I am shocked. My friends told me their names are in the Book of Life and I should also go to check if I will be allowed into Heaven,” Sheila Mbaya, a married mother of one, told The Nairobian.

    The publication called Wahome’s ministry to verify Mbaya’s claim and a woman identified as Pastor Salome confirmed that it would cost $1,100 Kenyan Shillings to check the Book of Life.

    So he’s a prophet, eh? We should send him to James Randi for a quick test of his prophetic abilities.

    It gets better. A while back, you could touch Wahome’s clothes and get healed. Problem was, if you wanted to touch him, it would set you back a little over ten bucks. But hey… you’d get healed. I get giddy thinking of all the money I could save on my upcoming cancerversary tests. Hmmm… ten bucks versus another CAT scan, blood tests, colonoscopy, physical, etc. Reality based science isn’t nearly as fun as “touch my clothes and be healed forever and ever, amen.” Oh well.

    Here’s the scary part: This guy’s popular. If you think his church is small, you’d be wrong. Check out some of his work (please note, this vid is not in English, but it’ll give you a taste of his style).

    Via The Christian Post

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