• Round tones, round tones


    The first time I went to college, I was a music major. After decades of vocal instruction, violin lessons, music theory, concerts, solo events, competitions, “music  ministry” in my local church… the works,  I thought I’d heard everything.

    But then came this.

    How they chose those soloists had to be… interesting. Perhaps it had more to do with their last names rather than their musical talent. Of course, I’m not saying they’re without talent. They present great poise. I also heard a few moments of decent harmony.

    Sometimes singers/songs are selected more on the quality of the “message” rather than the quality of the song. Sometimes a particular soloist was selected because s/he came from a “good” family. Sometimes it depended on how much their family “supported” the church. Often it depended on who the choir director was.

    And then we have the song itself. The subject matter of imaginary persecution leaves me puzzled. Who is trying to destroy their christian faith? Who’s  trying to destroy everything that’s holy? Who has told those poor preachers what they can say? The “book and the blood?” I don’t see anyone attacking these.

    Good grief. Look at all those kids; young girls in their denim skirts, the boys wearing what I’d consider normal clothing. Tiny kids singing words they likely don’t understand… yet.

    I can’t help but wonder if they actually believe what they’re singing.


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    Article by: Beth Erickson

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